Thanks for stopping to look at my website. I built it to share my life as a photographer, and let you know a little about who I am and how I think, since I agree with Arnold Newman that those things are reflected in our photographs. I want to share some of my favorite portraits, and reflect a bit on the process of creating them. You'll also find pictures of significant places and often the people connected to them. They are inspired by some of my favorite questions....What is this place about? What does it feel like to be here? Who are these people, and why are they here?

My portrait photography is about simple, elegant images intended to capture just the essence of some part of a person. I believe that a good portrait can be timeless,and although not a complete story, reveal something about us that goes beyond our appearance. I love the platinum printing process, and am convinced there is no more beautiful, enduring medium for a portrait. All of the black and white photographs shown above are platinum prints.

I have always photographed nature, particularly the intimate views with which we can connect almost anywhere. Beautiful photographs can be made by just looking around, and I have some I would like to show you.

I hope you enjoy the photographs, and if my portraits and way of working appeal to you, we have a chance to work on one together. I am a location photographer working mostly in Fairfield County Connecticut, New York City and Westchester, but am happy to make a portrait just about anywhere.

You can order a print of any picture on the site, except for portraits commissioned by someone else. There is no expert to blame for the website. I created it myself because I wanted to learn how, and so I could change it easily and often. Your suggestions on how to make it better are most welcome. Please return often!